A Spooktacular October!

I am back, witches! WOW – where did October go? It came in swiftly and left just as quickly. Made it another month into the pandemic and so far, so good!

I had a great week with my niece, Autumn! If you will remember, she came down for a week (during her Fall break,) and we got the opportunity to chill out and chat. I learned so much more about her and what she is dealing with and I feel like we were able to bond more. I am so happy she got the chance to be here. That took an entire week of my time and energy, so that sort of kicked off my absence from writing.

One of the activities we did together was cook! We made the Keto Chocolate donuts that I wrote about last time, plus I taught her how to make red wine braised beef short ribs. I promise to share that recipe later!

Needless to say, they were absolutely amazing!

I also broke out the boxes of Halloween decorations and we started the process of making our home super spooky. I ended up planning a little family Halloween party, which I will share with you a little later. It is hard to believe these decorations have stood the test of time!

I did attend a ribbon cutting for a new tasting room that has made its way to Downtown Americus! The Wolf Creek Plantation winery now has a spot in downtown. How convenient is that?

I also shared my creativity (or lack there of) with the Mattie Stepanik foundation.

They are creating a community mosaic, so we had to paint or color some times. My contribution is above. DON’T LAUGH.

Typical me Coffee down my clothes.

I got lazy with my home pumpkin. But I think she turned out nicely!

To be honest… I’ve gotten pretty lazy in general. So have the animals….

My friends from Chicago came down for a visit and stayed at the Plains Historic Inn! I had such a great time meeting all of their friends and having some excellent girl talk and time!

I also was busy raising awareness about the risk factors and detection of breast cancer. I decorated the Americus Visitor Center and even created an honor wall.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month and Halloween, it was a little tricky trying to celebrate both in one space.

We ended up doing a really cool pumpkin display with our partners. AND….

We won first place for the city!!!

Shopping for this magical holiday is always so much fun! Haley, Qaijuan and I did the best we could! Want to see our costumes for the week?

Here I am as the proprieter of the Sanderson Sister’s B&B. Yes, that is the blake flame candle I am holding.

Mickey & Minnie enjoyed seeing each other!

I was the bad girl tourist here.

We had a Disney themed day.

Guess who?

Pumpkin Queen!

As you can tell, we had a lot of fun. But it was also a LOT of work.

Speaking of work.. I designed some new items, ordered them and now they are for sell. Again- BUSY!

Somehow through all of this, I have maintained my KETO/Low Carb way of living.

Finally, we wrapped the month up with a Halloween party for the immediate family. We called it a NIGHT TO DISMEMBER.

How did your October shape up?

Welcome October!

I am so excited that it is October! This HAS to be one of my favorite months of the year!

But first… to catch you up on the things I am not going to write about:

I’ve had a bit of a delay in writing because last week was super busy! We are preparing for Halloween at my office and that includes a few activities (that will mainly be virtual!) I ordered that adorable pumpkin above from Amazon. As many of you know, I am a HUGE fan of anything that is themed out or involves a costume, so obviously, that makes Halloween on of my absolute favorite holidays!

In Americus, the Downtown Main Street group asked all of the businesses to decorate their windows for the Great Pumpkin Wars. I took the task to heart and called all of the departments in the city, as well as all of the tourist attractions, to donate a decorated pumpkin that represents their brand. I’m looking forward to seeing what we end up with. On Monday, the 26th, the displays will be uploaded to FB for the People’s Choice Award. That means, I will provide a link here and you can go online and “like” your favorite display. Then on that Wednesday, judges will come by and pick the best. I most certainly hope we win!

Plus, I’m having my staff dress in costumes each day. This will also be uploaded to FB for a “Who wore it best?” Halloween costume contest that people can vote on!

Last week, I got a chance to wish my neighbor, former President Jimmy Carter, a very happy birthday!

All of the neighbors went onto the compound and did a drive-by parade to wish him happy birthday! It was really sweet. He spoke to everyone as we passed! The media were not invited in, so this was really, super special for the people of Plains.

Speaking of media, on Friday, we had a media day with SAM Shortline. television stations from Macon, Albany, and Columbus rode the train in the super private, luxury car known as the Dearing.

We had a little reception and basically spent the day chatting with journalists and doing interviews.

I ran into one of my old tv news anchors I used to work with, Suzanne Lawler. It was great to see an old friend!

I even took some time to eat at the Buffalo Cafe with my buddies Nichole from the newspaper and Qaijuan.

The weather was perfect and it was a great day! It almost felt normal again.

On Saturday, I kicked the morning off with my final photography class.

I am thrilled I got the opportunity to understand manual digital photography so much better. I am considering taking Photo II in the coming months, but for now, I want to master what I have learned.

After the class, I ran downtown to the Peace Day celebrating at Lenny’s Market in Americus.

My friend Jeni & Laura held a very successful event that attracted over 100 people. Everyone was socially distanced and wore face masks.

Dorian was such a good boy. I took him with me! Can you believe he is 7 months old now?

That night, Tim and I had a little beef stew and watched our first of many upcoming Halloween movies.

Later, we tried this new KETO dessert… but…. it was waaaay too sweet. I’d recommend.

The next day we got up and I wanted to try out my new photography skills. So we drove to Dawson, about 30 minutes south of us and headed to Mark’s Melon Patch.

As always, the farm stand was awesome! However, it was super crowded and very few people were wearing masks. We kept our distance and kept our masks on. I zipped in and took some pics and we headed out.

Here are some of the crops I took pics of:

There is a whole field of Zinnias.

You could get fresh peanuts, dried peanuts, fried peanuts or boiled peanuts. I’m more partial to the boiled peanuts, however, there was a huge line and too many people.

They have a corn maze. Folks can even come at night with flashlights and navigate the area.


Beautiful sunflowers

Craft area for kids to paint pumpkins

And of course, an area to pick your pumpkins!

There are games, food , hay rides, and music. This really does click off many items on your Fall bucket list!

And finally, to wrap up my first week of October:

Need I say more?