Summer Is Not Subtle

On a painting at Travis Jean Emporium by artist: Sheila Mae

Just when you think all you do is work and binge-watch Netflix, photos tell you another story.

This Summer has been slammed with really good stuff. Really good. And it takes me capturing it all to remember just how incredibly awesome my life is.

That is not a brag.

It is gratitude.

Something I am working very hard on.

This post is not going to be overly profound… but it is my life.

Sweet Basil in my Garden

One of the things I have been working very hard on is my little garden. I recently planted some pepper plants, basil. rosemary, cilantro, and dill right near the porch steps leading to the kitchen. Folks – the plants are flourishing. It makes me so happy to walk outside and see all of the green and to know that I have organic herbs to cook with.

A zinnia about to bloom

One of my newest obsessions happens to be pollinator gardens. I have been incredibly passionate about #SavetheBees and wanted to do something about it. Not having a ton of extra money in my pocket, I drove up to our little Dollar General in Plains and bought a box of “pollinator” seeds. What came out were these beautiful zinnias.

A zinnia

In my backyard, right below the bay window, there are about two dozen zinnias growing tall and glorious!

Terri & I (a neighbor) enjoying her pool!

I took some time this Summer relaxing by the pool with one of my neighbors, Terri. We’ll spend about 3 -4 hours just floating and chatting the day away.

Tim playing in his mom’s pool

Tim, the girls, and I have spent some lovely afternoons at the pool in Preston. (Which happens to be at his mom’s house at the family farm.) We’ve spent afternoon grilling, floating, and laughing.



BBQ & Blues!

Americus Main Street threw a Red, White, Blues & BBQ party at our train depot in downtown Americus. I got to taste some delicious Q and probably lose about 10 pounds in sweat! It was super hot. The kind of hot that is so oppressive… right before a storm? That barometric-pressure-smothering-kinda heat.


Grammy Nominated BLUES Singer

Speaking of sweating…


Yep. We have been hitting the gym consistently. My ability to diet is off and on, but my ability to life weights and feel the burn is spot on. I always did love physical exercise…

but my food…



Yeah… this Summer has been sweet!

Hanging out with the National Park Service

I got to visit the Carter Compound with employees from the Bill Clinton Boyhood Home and Eisenhower/Gettysburg National Historic Sites.

Haunted House in Plains

I got to experience paranormal stuff at a REAL haunted house in Plains with some really cool people.


Spent a little time with my family in Macon. We went for Chinese. 🙂


Update on Dad: On the 29th he starts 44 treatments of radiation for advanced prostate cancer.


Spent a little time with my friends in Macon.



Got to attend an indie movie premiere at the Historic Rylander Theatre with friends.


Big group dinner with friends at The Station.


Date Nights with my guy.


Drinks with the girls at Floyd’s Pub at the Windsor Hotel.


An ice cream social at Tim’s mom’s church.


Hanging out at The Society Garden in Macon sipping on wine slushies.


Blackberry Wine Slushies to be exact.

Indie Film





Just lots and lots of good times with friends at cook outs, performances, and work-related activities.



Do you see what I see?



I dare say a tribe is forming.


Tim hanging out with the guys at the bar


And Food….


Lots and lots of food and good laughs.

Old friends visiting!



And at the end of the day, I can safely say – there was nothing subtle about this Summer.

There is still so much more to do this summer: Paula Deen  Murder-Mystery Train, my Tourism Retreat, First Friday events, and even more cook outs, pool days, and laughs.

How is you Summer shaping up?

I hope to have more in-depth stuff to share soon. This was more of a – “Hey there!”

Until next time…


August- You Saucy Minx, You.


I feel kind of bad for the month of August. It’s sort of a throw away month for those of us not participating in an academic year. Kind of….. blah.

Basically, I have no expectation for the month of August at all.

Maybe I need to use the month to sort of kick off new habits or add some new and exciting hobby to my life….. sort of like we did back when we did go to school.

I used to love shopping for the new school year: New book bag, new pencils and pencil-case, a shiny new Trapper Keeper, and of course, new threads to show off. I especially loved making book covers and taking my favorite stickers and plastering them all over my notebooks. I also remember getting so excited about the first day, because then I would get to see all of my friends in class and hopefully get assigned to sit next to the cute guy I might have had a crush on. Ah… those were the days.

Well… here we are. Day One of August. Nothing special. Nothing to plan. Nothing to look forward to.

Or is there?

Food for thought.

Alright… as promised, I was going to catch you guys up on my Summer. In my last blog post, I wrote about our new home! (Or rather, the construction of our new home!) We are scheduled to close on the construction loan this week sometime. I’m even heading out to Plains this afternoon to meet the water meter guy. So many details, so little time.

We’ve spent a majority of our weekends at the cabin. We decided to take advantage of this last Summer by the lake.


We had some friends over to go fishing one Saturday. My co-worker Qaijuan and his uncle came over and caught 20 brim! Not a bad way to spend a Saturday!


Watermelon by the pool has been a delicious way to spend a hot South Georgia Summer afternoon.


Meet Jolene – A stray kitty that somehow showed up deep in the woods at our cabin!


A cooler, some floating apparatuses, and friends. Typical Saturday.


And we grill out – A LOT!



Great conversation with great people!


We have even invited friends out on the boats!



Conversations on our front porch are always a ton of fun!


We even prepped the girls for a Greek Goddess inspired Mama Mia party! Tim took them to the Fabulous Fox Theatre to see Mama Mia and to prepare, we had faux wine, candles, and Greek attire!




My niece came for a visit.


My other niece came over for a slumber party!


Oh… and dear, sweet, grand baby – Cotton. PS – Today is her 2nd birthday!


And we spent some money on… well.. we bought MORE land!


Sangria and Golf Cart trips around the farm!


Overall – we have relaxed quite a bit. I’ve only taken two trips thus far (which I will blog about later.) Since the construction is taking a chunk out of our budget, we have to sort of Staycation more often than not.

As you can see, I took my goal very seriously! I am attempting to develop new friendships and I’m spending lots and lots of time with the people I love the most!

Happy August, my friends!