Trolling Your Friends

Why would anyone want to be friends with someone who constantly trolls your social media posts?

That’s the question of the day.

It all started with this photo:

Innocent enough, right?

I happened to mention I was eating a low-carb lunch and watching Frozen 2 and cuddling my German Shepherd, when someone I know decided to inform me that my meal was NOT low-carb.

Look, I said low-carb, not no-carb. I understand the ranch sauce may have some form of corn syrup and yes, fruit has sugar and yes, dairy has sugar. But I assure you, it is way healthier than what I really wanted which was chips and queso.

I found these awesome cheese wraps in the KETO section of a supermarket and have been using them as my go-to for lunch. I’m attempting to cut wheat out, because, no matter how you slice it, wheat is inflammatory and it is a start. I took a little knife and spread some chive cream cheese on it, squirted the Smokehouse Ranch, added the deli ham slice, threw a couple of pieces of baby spinach and cut scallions, and then added a side of a few grapes and slices of apple. I was full, satisfied, and guess what folks – I’ve been losing weight.

So for someone to just try to call me out was just… one of those moments when you go, “Really?”

It is not just that, it is other stuff. This particular “friend” always has something to say about something that I post. Once it was about a certain children’s club and another time it was about whether kids should go to school. Clearly we line up on different sides of the equation politically, but really, that is okay. What is not okay is constantly giving me grief on my pages.

I often attribute it to someone visiting your home. Do you come in and begin arguing with your host? Or even worse, what if the person begins to argue with your friends? (Aka comments,) that’s just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

This begs the questions, “If you have such differing opinions and you constantly check someone else, should you remain “friends” with that person?”

I think the best thing to do is simply one of two things: Ignore the comment or respond neutrally, but in a way that says, “Thank you for sharing, but I’m good.” Luckily, FB has a new feature where you can “take a break” from someone. What that means is that person will only see public posts that you post. You can also unfollow them. All good options.

Share with me if you think it is okay to troll a friend? And if so, why? Maybe you are well-intention-ed, or maybe there is something else? I don’t know. Help me understand.

Moving on…

So I decided to finally go for a long walk with the dog.

This should have been okay, but man oh man was it hilarious. Here is my reaction and why it was funny:

All of it seemed a good idea and the dog did get a really good workout, as I did, but man… I’m still paying the price for it. My KNEE. Though I am taking new medicine that helps, I basically threw myself back into inflammation hell. The Ortho doc TOLD ME NOT TO WALK. Did I listen? Nope.

Here’s hoping the week goes off without a hitch and my September is a golden beauty!

Summer Is Not Subtle

On a painting at Travis Jean Emporium by artist: Sheila Mae

Just when you think all you do is work and binge-watch Netflix, photos tell you another story.

This Summer has been slammed with really good stuff. Really good. And it takes me capturing it all to remember just how incredibly awesome my life is.

That is not a brag.

It is gratitude.

Something I am working very hard on.

This post is not going to be overly profound… but it is my life.

Sweet Basil in my Garden

One of the things I have been working very hard on is my little garden. I recently planted some pepper plants, basil. rosemary, cilantro, and dill right near the porch steps leading to the kitchen. Folks – the plants are flourishing. It makes me so happy to walk outside and see all of the green and to know that I have organic herbs to cook with.

A zinnia about to bloom

One of my newest obsessions happens to be pollinator gardens. I have been incredibly passionate about #SavetheBees and wanted to do something about it. Not having a ton of extra money in my pocket, I drove up to our little Dollar General in Plains and bought a box of “pollinator” seeds. What came out were these beautiful zinnias.

A zinnia

In my backyard, right below the bay window, there are about two dozen zinnias growing tall and glorious!

Terri & I (a neighbor) enjoying her pool!

I took some time this Summer relaxing by the pool with one of my neighbors, Terri. We’ll spend about 3 -4 hours just floating and chatting the day away.

Tim playing in his mom’s pool

Tim, the girls, and I have spent some lovely afternoons at the pool in Preston. (Which happens to be at his mom’s house at the family farm.) We’ve spent afternoon grilling, floating, and laughing.



BBQ & Blues!

Americus Main Street threw a Red, White, Blues & BBQ party at our train depot in downtown Americus. I got to taste some delicious Q and probably lose about 10 pounds in sweat! It was super hot. The kind of hot that is so oppressive… right before a storm? That barometric-pressure-smothering-kinda heat.


Grammy Nominated BLUES Singer

Speaking of sweating…


Yep. We have been hitting the gym consistently. My ability to diet is off and on, but my ability to life weights and feel the burn is spot on. I always did love physical exercise…

but my food…



Yeah… this Summer has been sweet!

Hanging out with the National Park Service

I got to visit the Carter Compound with employees from the Bill Clinton Boyhood Home and Eisenhower/Gettysburg National Historic Sites.

Haunted House in Plains

I got to experience paranormal stuff at a REAL haunted house in Plains with some really cool people.


Spent a little time with my family in Macon. We went for Chinese. 🙂


Update on Dad: On the 29th he starts 44 treatments of radiation for advanced prostate cancer.


Spent a little time with my friends in Macon.



Got to attend an indie movie premiere at the Historic Rylander Theatre with friends.


Big group dinner with friends at The Station.


Date Nights with my guy.


Drinks with the girls at Floyd’s Pub at the Windsor Hotel.


An ice cream social at Tim’s mom’s church.


Hanging out at The Society Garden in Macon sipping on wine slushies.


Blackberry Wine Slushies to be exact.

Indie Film





Just lots and lots of good times with friends at cook outs, performances, and work-related activities.



Do you see what I see?



I dare say a tribe is forming.


Tim hanging out with the guys at the bar


And Food….


Lots and lots of food and good laughs.

Old friends visiting!



And at the end of the day, I can safely say – there was nothing subtle about this Summer.

There is still so much more to do this summer: Paula Deen  Murder-Mystery Train, my Tourism Retreat, First Friday events, and even more cook outs, pool days, and laughs.

How is you Summer shaping up?

I hope to have more in-depth stuff to share soon. This was more of a – “Hey there!”

Until next time…


Ask & You Shall Receive


I have to admit – 2018 has been pretty remarkable! I realize I have been a little quiet as of late, but as with all new transitions (which I seem to be on an endless stream of them,) I needed to let the dust settle. We got into the house and settled into the life in Plains so very easily.


We started off with my 45th Birthday party in our new home. About 30 people from Americus, Plains, & Macon came to celebrate my little stay on Earth. We had great drinks and lots of laughs. It was nice to be surrounded by my new connections with my  things. I haven’t seen these things in years (all stored up nicely in Macon,) so it was good to set them free, so to speak!

Once the birthday celebration ended, it was time to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. Tim & I headed to the beach house and relaxed with some sunshine & Vitamin Sea. There were so many surprises in store for me: An one & a half hour therapeutic massage, fancy dinner in Panama City, a shopping spree in Apalachicola, and a little Chanel. Needless to say, I was a very happy girl.


Oyster City Brewing Company, Apalachicola, FL

Fire Fly Restaurant, Panama City, FL

By Mid March I was on my way to Chattanooga with the theater staff of The Historic Rylander Theatre. We participated in a Creative Placemaking Conference with other arts organizations, municipalities, and tourism entities. Lucky for me, Heather & Will are not only co workers, but dear friends.


Enjoying the view at Rock City on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee

Back at home, things were going great! Spending time at my neighbor’s home on Saturday night with the rest of our neighbors. Eh hem… which include a certain former President. Yep, most Saturday nights (if he is in town,) he comes for dinner. This tribe of people are fascinating and have turned my non-existent social life into a very interesting experience. Every weekend there is an array of interesting people sitting around her table. From critically acclaimed authors, to journalists from places like the NY Times to the AJC. Never a dull moment.

Then another group in Plains reached out and I ended up a part of a Bunco group that meets the 4th Tuesday of each month! We have so much fun – playing the game, chatting it up, and gobbling delicious treats. (And wine.. I mentioned wine, right?)

Bunco Group at Honey Hush Boutique

Two really awesome things happened recently. One – Macon Magazine approached me to be featured as one of the Fiery Women in Business for their Spring Issue! I was thrilled to share my story and share what I do with my friends and family back home.


Not soon after that happened, I completed the renovation on the Americus Welcome Center. The Center is a place where visitors can stop in, learn more about the area, pick up souvenirs and get their questions answered.

With the duties of running the center, I have to attend the Regional Visitor Information Center Conference each year for the State of Georgia. This year it was in Statesboro. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express! The location was fantastic and I was pleasantly surprised with how cool Statesboro was. Outside of attending classes, I got to explore a little.

Eagle Creek Brewery

We got to have a private party Eagle Creek Brewery, complete with a band performing and free craft beer samples, as well as some food. Lots of the beers served here have fruit infusions, I went for the Strawberry Wheat.

I gave my shot at Tactical Paint Ball! Another first for me! It was a solitary game, one where you gear up, grab your paint ball gun, then enter this dark maze where Human Zombies make their way for you. You aim, you shoot, and if it hits them, they dramatically fall to the ground. The first time I pulled the trigger I snapped a guy right in the groin. I apologized and kept moving!


I tried something else for the first time – I jumped on a trampoline. My mom never let me get on one of these because she was afraid we would break our necks! But at 45 – I did it. Want to see proof? Check out my instagram feed and watch the video.

Now let’s take a moment and analyze what is happening here. Do you notice a change?

Yep. I’m living. I’ve transitioned. I’m going to be okay.

I’m going to be more than okay… because I have some amazing news: I’m off of my Alpha Beta Blockers & Cholesterol medicine! That’s right!!!!!! I’ve come a long way baby, and I feel phenomenal. Now I am focusing on getting my metabolism back to normal and kicking some PCOS butt!


I also enjoyed a Birds of Prey & Reptile show at Georgia Southern University’s Wildlife Center. I got to see owls, eagles, and hawks soar & swoop right over my head! In this photo you see some of my fellow tourism colleagues hold this big guy.


I shot a gun for the very first time at the Shooting Range on the University campus! I got a lot of my  questions answered and I have to admit, I am interested in learning more!


I got some much needed bonding time with people with similar interests and personalities. Here you see Wesleigh from Marietta and Sloane from Jackson.




We decided to give archery a try while in town! This was another first for me!!! I’m telling you, I was living my life to the fullest and loving every minute of it.


Not too shabby, right? I picked #13, because 13 has always been a lucky number for me (Think TV days – 13WMAZ.)


We even got to have a fantastic party at Splash in the Boro – this phenomenal water park owned by the county in Stateboro. Unlimited margaritas and tons of great Caribbean food mixed with karaoke & dancing!


Something else happened while I was there. 😉

31073255_10156241228969929_4072781022800904192_nI received the State of Georgia’s Commissioner’s Award for Outstanding Leadership in Promoting Tourism.

Yep. It’s a big deal.


I was so surprised! My coworkers, Tim, and Alex all showed up to surprise me. Truly an amazing experience.


April was full of so many good things. I got to go home and visit my family.


I got to visit my old museum, the Cannonball House and enjoy the event I started 4 years ago: Beards, Bourbon, & BBQ.


It was pretty cool to see the bourbon tasting was being conducted by none other than Americus’s 13th Colony Distilleries. My worlds had collided.


I even got to spend the entire day sipping craft beer, wine, and cocktails for free at the Americus Hot Glass Craft Beer Fest!


Then there was the big weekend-long media tour with journalists out of Atlanta. One of the first stops was Wolf Creek Winery in Americus. I went for the Wine Slushy shots… of course.


Got to treat the visiting journalists to a spectacular dinner at Rosemary & Thyme in the Historic Windsor Hotel. Super fancy. 😉



And just two Saturdays ago I spent the day with my oldest and dearest friend at the Spring Wine Festival at Wolf Creek. We slurped wine slushies, ate some hibatchi, and shopped the vendors.

Then one day later… something happened.

I felt an uncomfortable feeling on my bottom. (Yep.) Sunday, I found it was hard to sit and honestly, though this may be TMI, I thought maybe it was a hemorrhoid or something to that effect. Monday, I had to attend this event at GA Representative Mike Cheokas’s home and realized it was difficult to sit down. Finally, I thought I needed to take a closer look.

Yep. There was a HUGE knot on the left side of my bottom, on the seat portion. Not the other place.

The next day I made an appointment to see my gynecologist and she diagnosed me with an abscess. She gave me some antibiotics and scheduled an appointment for me to see a surgeon the following Monday. That (would have been 6 days later.) By Wednesday morning, I was running a low-grade fever and in some serious pain. Thursday – add vomiting. On Friday, I had to be at the Grand Re-Opening of the Americus Welcome Center (in extreme pain and sweating profusely, because little did I know, my body was fighting off a dangerous infection.) I left work a little early and talked Tim into taking me to the emergency room.

Thank God I did. I was close to sepsis.

Basically, I got admitted as soon as they discovered that the abscess had tunneled and was 5cm. I had emergency surgery the next morning (Saturday morning,) and was released that night. I’ve been home ever since and will not return to work until NEXT Thursday. I’m in excruciating pain (still,) and on some super heavy drugs. Antibiotics, pain killers… and horror upon horrors, my poor, sweet husband has to not only change the dressing on my wound, but has to repack it. My dignity is gone. I feel run down. I’m bored out of my mind.

Yep. What a year!

With that being said – a small tribe of friends are forming. My sweet friend, Rachel, brought me some produce and a fantastic llama coloring book & crayons. We sat for a while and caught up. My neighbor, Jill (who throws the awesome parties,) brought my family plates of food the night we got back from the hospital. My other friend that lives here, that owns a local restaurant, baked me a chocolate “Butt” cake as she called it. (Ha – Bundt – Butt. Get it?)

And tonight, the ladies worship group from the local Methodist church all got together and cooked some casseroles for us and froze them and are bringing them to our home. How incredibly thoughtful is that? We don’t even attend their church?


This is what living in a small, rural community is all about.

Though the ending of this little catch-up story was tough, the truth is, so much good is surrounding me. I feel the love. I see the true friendships forming, and I’m looking forward to a beautiful Summer!


PS – Pardon any typos… I’m under the influence of pain meds. 😉

Learning to Forgive & Accept

29542847_10214079685738954_986160773240809135_n (1)
Creative Art Wings Art Shoppe – Photo credit: Leanne Wargowsky

I was scrolling Facebook, as I always do in the morning or around lunch, and saw a fellow friend/blogger/artist friend of mine posted this picture. It was taken at her Art Shop she owns in Illinois and the words spoke to me. Or perhaps it moved me.

You see, I have been doing this over the past year. Something happened when I moved down here. Away from my family, my friends, people I had known for my entire life… and instead of just immediately being welcomed with open arms into a new circle or tribe, I’ve slowly been poking my head into circles and trying them on for size.

The beauty of moving someplace where no one knows your faults, your screw-ups, your idiosyncrasies is that you can reinvent yourself. That’s all fine and good, if that is what you need to feed your soul.

It’s not in my bag of tricks. I’m married to the idea of being authentic and letting the chips fall where they may. And with that, it’s hard to find the right circle to show all your cards to.

Professionally – sure. I’m good to go. Maybe even more so than others. That’s never been my Achilles heel. But the fact that I have a marriage (or two) under my belt, or the fact that I am very opinionated or even outspoken (about a wide variety of topics,) can be jarring, and let’s face it folks – I’m in the DEEP South now. Southwest Georgia. Small towns. I’m pretty darn liberal. I have to tread these waters carefully.

So I entered this new life with so many good things: Great guy, great job, beautiful new home… and I sat there guarded. Feeling like I was a captive in my own skin. I have watched as others (new to the community) trusted the wrong locals and have all but found themselves fighting for their jobs, their reputations, and so much more. THAT scared me. Maybe even scarred me a little. I’ve never lived in such a small place and I did not realize how vicious it could be.

Recently, I’ve spent some time analyzing my actual experience, not the experience I feared. People are kind to me. They like the work I am doing. People have extended invitations. Things are just fine. What has been holding me back is myself. And like the photo above, I have decided to forgive myself for all of my past mistakes and transgressions and set myself free. I’m letting my guard down, and the universe is responding. I’m in a good place, and at some point, I must have allowed poison to enter my mind and hold me back.

That is so not my style.

What holds you back? What do you need to do to set yourself free?


Birthdays & Old Ways


Back in June, I surprised my husband, Tim, with a birthday trip to St. Augustine, Florida; the oldest city in the United States. He had never been, and I had visited half a dozen times over the years, so I figured it would be an easy trip, with little concern over directions, what to do, and where to go.

We took off on a Thursday night. Part of the deal was to give him a clue every few hours as to where we were going. Before we even pulled out of the driveway, I have him his first gift. I said, “It will either be insect repellent (for the mountains,) or sunscreen (for the sea.) He opened the sunscreen and knew immediately that we were heading South.


We drove about two hours and stopped for a night in Valdosta, Georgia. Valdosta is right on the Georgia/Florida border. My guy loves steak, so we picked a steakhouse and indulged our carnivorous tongue. We pulled up to an Austin’s Cattle Company , located just one exit away from our hotel. The location was a bit odd to us – a nice steak house in this budget-looking motel, but the quality was super delicious! After dinner, we popped back over to our stay for the night, the Drury Inn.  Surprisingly, our hotel was really quite nice, with lots of little features to make our stay comfortable. The price was right, and the room was quiet – and off we went to sleep. Before we went to bed, I gave him our next clue – a peacock pen. Now, if you have ever been to St. Augustine and visited the Fountain of Youth, you know about the beautiful peacocks roaming free. However, he had no idea. Still puzzled… we went to sleep.

The next morning, we were pleased to find a fantastic breakfast bar in the hotel (and it was free!) So far everything was going swimmingly!

We headed south. His next clue would still stump him until much later – it was a stuffed lion. He looked at me, smiled, and said, “Oh I know where we are going! Busch Gardens!) Well.. I started giggling and knew I had officially stumped him.


Right before we got to Jacksonville, I gave him his next clue – a painting my mom did of the St. Augustine light house. Still.. not sure what beach we were heading too, but knew we were heading toward the coast. Finally, as we turned to head south down A1A, I gave him his final clue – a book about Hernando de Soto (the explorer that founded St. Augustine.) Finally – he got it and was incredibly excited.

As soon as we got to the town, we stopped at the Fountain of Youth. Since this was his actual birthday, I thought this would be appropriate – so have a sip of this magical elixir.



While there, we walked around, admiring the sites and reenactors, and enjoyed the views!





After the FOY, we drove over to St. George Street to explore the gorgeous city and grab lunch.


Our pick was the Bull & Crown Publik House. Man oh man.. hands down one of the best pubs I have ever visited. The food was incredible!


I cannot recommend this place enough. Seriously. Make sure to pop by there if you are visiting.


It is hot as hell in Florida in June, but they had these fantastic fans blowing on us the entire time, so it was completely possible to eat outside without feeling like you would melt. It’s right on St. George Street and perfect for chilling out and people watching.


After lunch, we walked around and visited a ton of the shops.

19390685_10155410827039929_3911272965060972149_o I bought Tim this super fancy hat from the Panama Hat Shop. Then we made our way over to the oldest Catholic Church in America.


After saying a little prayer for my guy’s birthday, we decided to make our way over to our Air B&B.

Our place was located one block from the light house.


We were in the second oldest house on St. Augustine Beach! We rented the top floor and had an adorable set up. So private and very shabby chic. Our host left us a bottle of bubbly!


We rested up a bit, then headed back into the historic district for dinner. I made reservations at Columbia – a Spanish Restaurant on St. George Street.


As soon as we got there, we ordered the homemade Sangria. They literally prepare it for you table side.


Our dinner was amazing.. and the salad.. have mercy! The 1905 Salad was the hit of the night! It’s rare for a salad to upstage everything else. But man oh man!


We next morning we got up to catch the sunrise. Another first for Tim! He had never watch the sun rise on the Atlantic, so we set our clocks and made our way over to the beach!


After that, we went to this total dive –


Little Margie’s Cafe! The food was really good and the service incredible. Talk about some delicious omlettes!


After breakfast, we went home and took a nap. Only to pile back into the car and drive to another St. Augustine Beach favorite –


The Conch House. We met my former foreign exchange student, Elena (from Moldova,) and her husband, (Mexico!)  We went from eating English to Spanish, to Cuban to Caribbean!



We got to sit up in these cool little tree houses. The drinks, the view, and the breeze was awesome!



We were having so much fun, we did not want the afternoon to end. So Elena and her husband took us to San Sebastian Winery – where we enjoyed a fantastic wine tasting! You guys know I can’t pass up a good wine tasting!


After we indulged (again!) we drove to Palm Coast to meet her family. We enjoyed traditional Russian cuisine and village dances. Yes… they danced… in a circle.. holding hands.. to music. It. Was. Awesome.

Add Russian food to the weekend.

We finally headed back, got a good night sleep, and drove back to home.

It was probably one of the most random trips I have ever half way planned.

What was so refreshing was getting the opportunity to introduce my husband to things I liked, and seeing how he would respond. From the history, to the foreign cuisine, to the culture, to the beach – we were in heaven. Happy 47th, Tim!


August- You Saucy Minx, You.


I feel kind of bad for the month of August. It’s sort of a throw away month for those of us not participating in an academic year. Kind of….. blah.

Basically, I have no expectation for the month of August at all.

Maybe I need to use the month to sort of kick off new habits or add some new and exciting hobby to my life….. sort of like we did back when we did go to school.

I used to love shopping for the new school year: New book bag, new pencils and pencil-case, a shiny new Trapper Keeper, and of course, new threads to show off. I especially loved making book covers and taking my favorite stickers and plastering them all over my notebooks. I also remember getting so excited about the first day, because then I would get to see all of my friends in class and hopefully get assigned to sit next to the cute guy I might have had a crush on. Ah… those were the days.

Well… here we are. Day One of August. Nothing special. Nothing to plan. Nothing to look forward to.

Or is there?

Food for thought.

Alright… as promised, I was going to catch you guys up on my Summer. In my last blog post, I wrote about our new home! (Or rather, the construction of our new home!) We are scheduled to close on the construction loan this week sometime. I’m even heading out to Plains this afternoon to meet the water meter guy. So many details, so little time.

We’ve spent a majority of our weekends at the cabin. We decided to take advantage of this last Summer by the lake.


We had some friends over to go fishing one Saturday. My co-worker Qaijuan and his uncle came over and caught 20 brim! Not a bad way to spend a Saturday!


Watermelon by the pool has been a delicious way to spend a hot South Georgia Summer afternoon.


Meet Jolene – A stray kitty that somehow showed up deep in the woods at our cabin!


A cooler, some floating apparatuses, and friends. Typical Saturday.


And we grill out – A LOT!



Great conversation with great people!


We have even invited friends out on the boats!



Conversations on our front porch are always a ton of fun!


We even prepped the girls for a Greek Goddess inspired Mama Mia party! Tim took them to the Fabulous Fox Theatre to see Mama Mia and to prepare, we had faux wine, candles, and Greek attire!




My niece came for a visit.


My other niece came over for a slumber party!


Oh… and dear, sweet, grand baby – Cotton. PS – Today is her 2nd birthday!


And we spent some money on… well.. we bought MORE land!


Sangria and Golf Cart trips around the farm!


Overall – we have relaxed quite a bit. I’ve only taken two trips thus far (which I will blog about later.) Since the construction is taking a chunk out of our budget, we have to sort of Staycation more often than not.

As you can see, I took my goal very seriously! I am attempting to develop new friendships and I’m spending lots and lots of time with the people I love the most!

Happy August, my friends!

Juice Drop Out & Accepting Applications


It’s official. I’m a cleansing/detox/juicing drop out.


I honestly tried and I failed superbly. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone fail as well as I did. However, I am owning my short comings and focusing on a new goal.

My social life.

Here’s the thing, I am a really, really social creature. In Macon, in Birmingham, and everywhere else in between, I’ve always had a big, diverse circle of friends. I realize that I moved here and basically hit the ground running only a short while ago, however, this is the longest I have ever gone without creating a nice little social network. Usually by now I would have some new BFF and would be meeting up with friends for shopping, drinks, girl get-aways and the like.

Unfortunately, that’s not exactly what has transpired. Granted – I planned a wedding and took a big trip and help design our future home and a ton of other really big things. I’m not sure who is to fault here. Is it me? Or is it the community? Or is it just the state of things at 44 years old.

Who knows!?

However, I am not one to idly stand by and let life just swoosh by without at least putting a little effort in. Things can’t be that different in South Georgia.

I decided to pursue this new social circle the way I would a career: strategically and with direct intent. With that being said, I am accepting applications for friendship.


It’s open auditions and YOU could possible be my new favorite person.

Now WHY would you want to hang out with me? Well, I have lots of good qualities. Let’s see if I can drum up a few:


With it being summer time, I think this is a great asset. I have a pool and a lake. Even when we build in Plains, this is still staying in the family. You could join me on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, floating in the pool, gossiping and sipping margaritas. Or you could bring your fishing pole and get in one of the two boats. Okay… so maybe the outdoors aren’t your thing…


I do love a good margarita. I mentioned that one, right? We could meet up for a drink from time to time.


And bowling. I LOVE bowling. But I am TERRIBLE at it. I love to laugh at myself and this is the perfect place to do it. I know we have bowling in Albany and Columbus and SOON in Americus!


I’m a huge wine slushy girl! We could meet up at Wolf Creek Plantation and grab a cheese platter and sip some good local wine.


I mentioned I like wine… right? 😉 So a tee-totaler would not fit in very well with me. I don’t drink a lot, but one glass of wine ever so often is always fun!


I love to cook and to host friends. We live in a small cabin by a lake – and there is nothing better than whipping up something delicious to share!


I like to travel! Have passport – will travel. You HAVE to be up for something like this! (That’s me in Egypt.)


And that’s me in Paris.


Book store shopping is one of my favorite things to do with friends. Looking for that next great read to add to my collection is always much more fun to do with friends. Oh yeah, you have got to have a love of books. I can’t relate to non readers very well.


I’m really into taking selfies. For fun. Not for vanity’s sake. I have a handful of truly talented photographer friends and most of my circle back home are actual full time artists. Be camera ready!


And man oh man – do I love to throw a party! I’d expect you to attend!


Did I mention I love touring wineries? 😉


And I love a good campfire. Again – I live by a lake/pond at a cabin. This is a great way to spend a evening with me! Bring your significant other. We are looking for other couples to hang with also!


And Mexican food. OMG…. Want to meet up for dinner? Invite me out for Mexican.


And I am totally open to attending your special religious holiday celebrations.


Seriously…. I can go either way! I’m extremely fascinated by other cultures. My friend circle should reflect accordingly!


And I’m a big supporter of a wide variety of friends. I do NOT support racists, homophobes, or any other phobes. Except spiders. You can totally hate spiders.


And I LOVE LOVE LOVE to grill. If you don’t like grilling…. then… then… I just can’t be friends with you.

And due to the nature of my job… sometimes you might get to meet some really important people. I can’t be embarrassed to bring you around! lol


If we go out in public – you have to understand that I have never met a stranger. Case in point above.


And if you need some time to decompress… I’m always up for swinging on the front porch and sipping coffee. I really do offer good advice. However, you must be prepared, I don’t mince words.

Are you into fresh, organic berries? Well… in the fall we can pick scuppernogs and in the summer we can pick blueberries. I did mention we have a farm… right?


Oh… and a beach house. Yes, the Kirksey’s have a beach house. No, we don’t rent it. But if you and I are really close, I just might invite you down!


And I am a big Alabama fan. Though one BFF is a GA Dawg fan and the other is an Auburn fan… it is important that we get a handle on this rivalry sooner, rather than later.


I like outdoor adventures. Well… keep it simple. But I am open to a few!


I am the crazy cat lady. If you are allergic – this isn’t going to work.


I am a big believer in celebrating birthdays! (Yours included!) And I love to theme it out. Like this 40th Bday for me. It’s a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme…. without the escorts. lol 😉


And just know when I say I can throw a party… I mean… BIG parties/events. I’m a professional at this. Seriously. And yes, I’m always judging other people’s events. lol


And I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to dance. I danced for many, many years. No, I don’t look like the dancer type… but boy do I love to!


You have got to be open to art. I mean… I’ve worked at two different museums. I ran one of them. My mother is an artist and ran a gallery. It’s sort of in our blood.

If you think you are up to the task… then maybe we should get to know each other better.

I’ve always viewed finding new friends sort of like dating, you hang out a few times to see if you click. Maybe I’ll find that new tribe that just clicks. I’m really hoping it will come sooner, rather than later.

In the meantime… I’ll build that home with my dream guy, run the tourism in my community, and continue to do the things I love..

Even if it is by myself. Because that’s the kind of confidence you need to be my friend. You got to be able to go it alone.

Class 5 clingers are not allowed.

Until next time…