Birthdays and Wishes Granted

Our youngest is officially 18! We had her party Friday night at our home, with only family and her best friend in attendance. Above you see Tim, Karen-Ann, Cotton, Halani, Bobby, David, and Miles. THIS is a modern family. The most random hodge podge of people.

My 5 year old glamdaughter
Alex and her mom (the ex)
My sister-in-law and her daughter, Micah
Paige and my Mother-in-law
Me & Amanda (Paige’s partner)
Tim’s oldest – Kaitlyn (Cotton’s mom & Mile’s wife)
Paige and Amanda

You’ll notice Amanda is masked up – she works for the CDC and is microbiologist and is working on the pandemic!

Well.. how did it go?

Very, very well.

I wish I could share some crazy drama – but I made a decision that morning to see if I could shift the energy in the room. That’s right!

I’ve been reading a book about Empaths (which, according to some people in the know, I am one.) Even my mom confirmed it.

What is an empath? The term empath comes from empathy, which is the ability to understand the experiences and feelings of others outside of your own perspective. Often I am affected by other people’s energy. It really shifts my energy, which in turn, tends to shift the room. I have noticed this my whole life. Well… not to sound too woo-woo, but in the Empath workbook I read about how to shift the energy in the room, so as a little social experiment, I thought I would give it a try. You guys… it worked. There really is something to this.

With that being said, people were laughing, talking, there was absolutely no awkwardness, and every one had a good time. Not too shabby, eh?

Now onto something SUPER exciting!

I AM FINALLY TAKING PHOTOGRAPHY CLASSES! Yes!From the Atlanta School of Photography. I signed up for my first class (which is an intro) and luckily, during the pandemic, they are offering online options via Zoom.

Talk about intimidating! I am probably the oldest in the class and probably the least experienced, but that is okay! Our first assignment deals with White Balance and using natural light and artificial lighting. I am looking forward to the next class. A little nervous, but excited!

My instructor is super impressive. His name is Alexander Acosta and he works as a photojournalist. To learn more about him, click HERE. To learn more about the Atlanta School of Photography, click HERE.

I’ll keep you guys posted on how it goes. Wish me luck! Trying something new is always exciting. Learning new skills can go one of two ways, I’m hoping I can get the hang of the technical side of it. I want to do it, and do it well.


Have an awesome weekend!

This is 46

51751389_10156932627374929_3285370288874717184_n - Copy

Satchel Paige said it best, “Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” That Satchel knew what he was talking about. Unlike past birthdays, my sentimental recap of a year did not happen. I was not reminiscing about where I have been and what I was supposed to be. I think at 46, it is what is it and it will be what it will be.

We are half way finished with February and at least 3 people my age, who were very significant in my life at one time or another, have passed away. One from cancer, one from a drug overdose, and one from a heart attack. We were all around the same age.

You see…. it is what it is.

And it will be what it will be.

It took 46 years to accept that. I believe somewhere deep inside I used to think that if I worried enough about something and spent all of my energy & time trying to manipulate a situation, that of course, I somehow had control over it. I laugh thinking about that now.

It is what it is. It will be what it will be.

51187694_10156933414279929_38482627799285760_n (1) - Copy

This is 46.

I’m not sure what I expected, say, 20 years ago. 46 seemed so old. I look at that pic and I don’t see old, yet I don’t see young either. I see a woman, with a smile, and that is good enough for me.

That smile is genuine. That confidence is real. That woman is me.

This is 46.

51122997_10156936218559929_3812204721297424384_n - Copy

February has been super busy for the Kirkseys. We spent the first weekend traveling two hours South to Valdosta, Georgia – home of Valdosta State University. Our middle daughter, Alex, is 17 and a junior in high school and is exploring her options for the future.

51103790_10156936218804929_4597665149229203456_n - Copy

VSU was actually my second choice for a university. However, I ended up being accepted to my first choice. We had a very vivacious welcome from the recruiters: A stadium full of hopefuls, lots of cheering, lights flashing on and off, and motivational stories. There was a huge push with their athletics program and then we were off to explore the majors. The whole day was supposed to be from 10 am until 3pm, we left by noon. Alex had experienced enough. It was overwhelming and not a good fit for a studious-academic oriented kid. We didn’t care that they were national football champs in their division. We didn’t particularly like the main professor of biology telling us that if you are interested in Marine Biology that all you will ever do is teach at a university.


So we went for Mexican food. And Valdosta got one thing right – El Toreo had the best salsa I think I have ever consumed.

So there is that.

51612696_10156943339154929_8656492901322194944_o - Copy

The next weekend we headed down to my alma mater – Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville, Georgia. Another 2 hours away, but this time, Northeast.

51612540_10156952525884929_3881403812736401408_n - Copy

Not saying my college is the right choice for Alex (eh hemm…) but it definitely portrayed a completely different vibe. Both schools had their pluses and both have their minuses. What GC&SU makes up for perks & academics, VSU makes up for in diversity and school spirit.

In walked kids  hailing from Buckhead, Roswell, Cumming, Savannah, Augusta, Macon, etc. Mostly private school kids. Valdosta had a different feel altogether. Most of the kids were from North Florida and had more of a relaxed feel.

Vibes and first impressions aside, one thing is for certain, academics were the main focus at Georgia College. According to US News & World Report, GC&SU ranked 28 in the 2019 edition of Best Colleges & Regional Universities in the South. They were also voted #10 in Best Public Universities. #5 in Best Undergraduate Teaching Programs worldwide, and it is the top nursing school in the state… among so many other distinctions.

51574557_10156952525724929_6021499623066042368_n - Copy

We toured the campus, the dorm rooms, and even checked out the downtown area. Alex seemed very pleased with the experience. It was more intimate, and luckily, I was there to affirm what the tour guide was sharing.

51499541_10156952526444929_2308739741316546560_n - Copy

There was no pressure to pick a major, but to actually explore her options (which is what a liberal arts education is all about.)

51760227_10156952525544929_5716261498544717824_n - Copy

As of now, GC is at the top of her list. *proud squeeee*

51297197_10156948821969929_4048650749775708160_n - Copy

The following week happened to be Valentine’s Day. And we knew we had the kids that night, so we opted for an early celebration – simple yummy food at The Fish House in downtown Americus. We sat outside (because it is Georgia and February – so we are warm. 😉 ) and enjoyed some shrimp and chicken tenders. Our hearts were heavy dealing with my dad’s prognosis. Tomorrow is his pre-op and we are sending prayers his way. We tried to celebrate and just enjoy being together. It was calm and it felt right.

51552733_10156962484149929_883625427355041792_n - Copy

The Kirkseys helped me celebrate my birthday the best way they knew how later that week: With tacos and cake. (You can’t go wrong!) It was a great night with family – lots of presents and laughter. (Exactly what I needed.)

51760239_10156962483819929_2570359586728968192_n - Copy

Cotton was a huge help. 😉 She insisted on helping me lick the icing off of my cake, as well as open all of my presents for me. lol Welcome to 3!

We also spent a lovely night at Plains United Methodist Church for their Sweet Heart Banquet, which is a fundraiser for the WOW women’s group (Women of Worship.) Steak & potatoes, a live auction, and lots of laughs.


My actual birthday was such a treat! We left Plains around 6 pm on Friday and drove 2 hours and 45 minutes to Oxford, Georgia (South Atlanta area.) I went to spend it with one of my oldest friends (25 years now,) Mary Therese and her husband, Retired AF Colonel, Bob Griffin. MT and I worked in television news together.

She and her husband live in an amazing home with all of the bells & whistles and made sure I felt like a princess. As soon as we got there, we were given libations (me a glass of wine, Tim some bourbon,) and headed down to their movie theater to watch a hilarious comedy.


Yes, we said theater. Their basement if off-the-charts amazing. It would be rude to snap photos, but just trust me, this is just one of the many amenities they have.

We snuggled in for a relaxing night, woke up to an amazing breakfast and headed out to CANDYTOPIA. It’s a thing, look it up.


This was such a fun way to celebrate 46! I embraced the 6-year-old in me! Like Willy Wonka? Like bright colors and everything girly? Yaaasssss, Queen. It was amazing.


We went through psychedelic hallways and entered a land of bubblegum and pixie sticks!


All of the art was made completely out of candy. Every single piece. Plus there were vats of free candy everywhere. I took full advantage of the sugary goodness and kept shoving handfuls into Tim’s jacket pockets. lol

Some of the art was really fantastic!

My favorite part was…


When the pigs farted confetti all over me and it smelled like cotton candy.

I seriously cannot make this up!

All we needed was glitter and I would have been in girly/candy heaven.


What a fun way to celebrate!

We left Candytopia (not without me purchasing a hot pink trucker hat, rock candy, cotton candy pop rocks, and Tabasco Dark Chocolate,) and headed over to Phipps Plaza for a few libations and snacks at the Tavern.


Here we shared stories and laughed and took a little stroll down memory lane.


After lunch, we headed to downtown Covington. Or was it?


Are you a big Vampire Diaries fan? Well I am. So much so that I named my big orange cat, Salvatore, after the lead vampire brothers: Damon & Stephan Salvatore.


I decided to be a good tourism director and stop by the Covington Visitor Center. Met some of the nicest people in there and discovered so much about this area. If you love shows like: My Cousin Vinny, Vampire Diaries, Dukes of Hazard, In the Heat of the Night, Footloose… and I could go on and on…. then you have to stop here. So much has been filmed in this area.


I loved how all of my favorite characters were highlighted with a little stone in the pavement along the town square.


It was such a treat! A little Southern Hollywood, if you will!


I absolutely loved the town square. Everything that was significant for my little Vampire Diaries obsession was there! I love being a tourist in my little state!


We stopped for coffee, chatted some more, and decided that this crew needed a nap. We headed back to Castle de Griffin and took a load off. After everyone was well rested we headed back downtown to have dinner at the Mystic Grill. This restaurant is the main “haunt” in the Vampire Diaries.

Well.. we thought we were going to eat there.

There was an 1 hour and 45 minute wait.

I mean… I am a fan girl.. but…

We ended up heading to the one restaurant everyone recommended:

The City Pharmacy.

51915543_10156970523079929_2750881408686751744_n - Copy

And it did not disappoint. I opted for the Kobe Beef Burgers and felt divine!


After a lovely dinner, we headed back to the house to indulge ourselves in their jacuzzi tub outside (again… gotta love Georgia weather,) followed by a delicious night of sleep.

We left yesterday morning and headed out to the Dekalb Farmer’s Market.


Just go. It is a spice, meat, cheese, veggie heaven. I don’t want to spoil it. Just GO and trust me.

So here I am, back at home, 46, tired… because, well.. I guess I am 46 and have been running nonstop, and it is time to get back to work.

Lots to do.. and still more adventures ahead this weekend.

It is what it is. It will be what it will be.

Interested in checking out the cool places we visited?

Here are the links:

Valdosta State University

El Toreo

Georgia College

Plains United Methodist Church

The Fish House

Downtown Covington

Mystic Grill

Bread & Butter Coffee

The City Pharmacy

The Tavern

Phipps Plaza


Dekalb Farmers Market

At The Top Of The Hill


Here I am: Sitting at the top of the hill.

What hill is that?

The one that basically says I am halfway into the game.

I turn 45 in exactly 2 weeks. Fourteen days  and yes, according to science and society, I will be middle-aged.

This doesn’t scare me so much as the pending time that begins to tick in the opposite direction. For example, this coming Monday, Tim & I will close our loan on the house. We are changing from a Construction Loan to a Mortgage and we opted for the 15 year loan.


Because in 15 years I will be 60 years old. We want to retire without a mortgage over our heads.


Me at 5 – 40 years ago

A lot can happen in 15 years, but it also flies by oh-so-fast. I do realize 15 years ago I was 30. I still lived in Macon, was still married to my first husband, and yet at this point in time, I had not experienced a lot of big stuff: The Big C, meningitis, lay offs, big moves to bigger cities, divorce, new relationships, a whole new life, and some of the darkest days of my life. The 30s were equally exciting & empowering, as well as devastating & humbling. When I turned 40, I got divorced, moved home, rebuilt my life and everything… I mean EVERYTHING changed.

Now… here I am staring at the future. Looking it smack dab in the eye. I have my arms on my waist and I am taking a deep breath. Time will eventually run out. Most people barely make it through their 70s. I realize I could make it past the 80s.. but none of that is guaranteed. Hell, a 45th birthday is not guaranteed.

But here we are. Middle age.

Nice to meet you. I knew you were coming, I just didn’t expect it so soon.

My 40th Birthday party – 5 years ago!

I’m starting to see some lines, and they are not so fine anymore. They are deeper and more pronounced. I’ve toyed with the idea of Botox, but then again, I am so much into authenticity, I find it hard to cross over. My hair has been graying since my early 20s. It started with a few around my face, but now, if I didn’t get my hair colored, I would be completely silver. THAT is hard to believe. Plus, I used to color my hair every 8 weeks, now we are at 5 weeks. At some point in the next 15 – 20 years, I might make that transition. But not now. I still have time.

But not much.

I started to experience fatigue in my 30s and by my 40s I really understood what it meant to be tired. Not just physically tired, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I can now comfortably take a nap and I can also comfortably say NO. I am more selfish with my time and more protective of my personal space. Time keeps on ticking… and I need to savor every moment.

Thankfully some bad stuff happened during my 30s. Things that shook me to my core. Nothing earth shattering, but enough to change me into a better me. I worked and fought hard for the life I lead now (be it as humble and flawed as it is,) and I am eternally grateful for this transition.


The abuse I put on my body in my twenties & 30s has caught up with me in my 40s. I am much heavier and less active, and I have aches and pains you can’t imagine. I go through phases of doing better, then I fall off the health-wagon, only to start back at zero.

But it wasn’t always that way.

About 30 years ago!

Maybe year 45 can be the five-year count down to something amazing. Maybe I will flourish in my 50s in ways I never could have imagined. Maybe…

…. and time keeps on ticking.

Last birthday – Turning 44!

Here’s to the future! Lets us savor the special moments, schedule our hair appointments a few weeks sooner, and invest in a little more Ben Gay!

45 – I see you and I am ready.

August 2016 at the top of the hill, in a vineyard in North Georgia