Tattoos & Rainbows

I want to start this post off by stating the fact that I am completely for creative self-expression. At the end of the day, I could care less how a person wants to live their life. Or maybe, what I mean to say is, I care that someone has the opportunity and right to live their life.

Now… watch this:

Basically, our little red-head is becoming an adult today and is ready to explode onto the scene with self-expression. If I allow myself to sit and really think about it, it is an absolute beautiful thing to be self-assured and confident. She knows who she is and what she wants, at this point any way.

I think that is the inspiration for this post. Is the core of who we really are, the same as it was when we were 18?

I’m trying to remember the girl I was 30 years ago. I was planning to go to college and become a television journalist. I wanted to live in NYC and travel the world. I wanted to be sophisticated and bright. I wanted to be married, no kids.

Is that girl still inside of me?



Granted, life took me on some twists and turns, however, I did go to college. I did become a television journalist. I did travel the world. I did live in a bigger city (not NYC, but I did visit it once.) I did get married and I chose not to have children. I guess you could consider me bright, and maybe more cultured than overly sophisticated.

With that being said, what about aesthetics? A tattoo is a big deal. The one my step-daughter is getting looks similar to this:

It will be a half sleeve with flowers and vines, in black & white and with shading. If done well, it will be pretty, BUT, it is a really big deal because at 18 – what if?

What if you decide later you hate it?

What if you try to get a job and are denied because of visual tattoos?

What if the artist has a shaky hand?

What if people judge you?

Should it matter?

What happens when it fades? I showed her my tattoo that is 17 years old, and it never sees the light of day, and has begun to fade.

There are a lot of things to consider. PLUS – she is still in high school. She graduates this year. I realize she will eventually go back to class in January (next semester,) and will the half sleeve be super distracting?

Gosh, I sound like a mom.

THEN there is the issue/non-issue of her gay pride birthday. I have absolutely no issue with it, but her grandmother is going to have this sour-puss face about the whole thing. Honestly, this too shall pass, but I just hate that any negativity hits these kids over their life choices. Scratch that – being gay is not a choice. I hate that any negativity hits these kids over who they are at their core.

It takes a lot of guts to live your life out loud. I commend them on openly embracing who they really are, and every one else can just shove off. Their lifestyle and choices are between them and GOD/a higher power, and I, for one, will not be accused of ever stifling or meddling in something that is really none of my business. This is their journey. All Tim and I can do is provide a solid foundation and a safe place to turn when times get hard.


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One thought on “Tattoos & Rainbows

  1. Although I don’t have one, I’m a big fan of body art. (I refuse to call it a tattoo if it’s well done!!) As for it being a game changer when going for a job, I think (hope?) the world is changing with judgment of this art. Really, if they are going to judge her for that, does she really want to work for them?? And wouldn’t it wonderful if she decided later to start adding color. Yes, you sound like a mom. The solid foundation that you and Tim give her, along with the security that she can always reach out when she’s feeling a little unstable (as we all do when we start adulting), will certainly allow her to fly!!

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