Fantasy Birthday

It is officially the week of my birthday! I spent the entire weekend relaxing and enjoying myself! Saturday, I kicked things off with a little Starbucks Double Shot Espresso with Cream and watched 4 episodes of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


That’s what I do when I can do what I want.

Then I took a long, hot bath in sweet orange bath bomb/oil and read several chapters of the second book to the Savannah Coven Series.

Again, seriously.

I am such a girl.

Followed by an Avocado mud mask & coloring in my adult coloring books. I finished the morning off with a strawberry cupcake my mom baked me for my birthday week.

Life was pretty grand.

Tim & I had dinner that night with my MIL and SIL at the new restaurant in our little town: Silo Restaurant & Bakery. I had the Prime Rib, baked potato, green beans, mac & cheese, & roll for $18.95. I just can’t make this up. What a steal for all of that food!

On Sunday, we continued our Tour de Churches of Sumter County. This time we visited Plains United Methodist Church. After church, we ate at the Quality Inn restaurant (seriously – they have a mega lunch bar and it is really good,) and then did our weekly shopping. Another great afternoon. That evening, we ate the homemade chili I whipped up in the crock pot and watched several old episodes of the Tudors. Not a bad weekend at all.

Now here are – Monday! Tick-toc… the clock is ticking and it is almost time to turn 45.

Holy mother of God. It’s happening.

Today, for fun, I thought I would share my fantasy birthday gift list. Why not? Play a little with the “How Cool Would This Be?” and see what comes out of it.

Here is my fantasy birthday wish list:

First of all – I am throwing a party Saturday night. And at this party (in my fantasy,) I am wearing the perfect little party dress:


Next up – are the things I would like:

Like this beautiful Chanel bag. Be still my beating heart – it is the perfect color of blue!


And this adorable unicorn. I collect odd toys in my office and this one would be a perfect addition!


And some blue velvet boots! I have been eyeballing different ones all season.


And these fantastic Viking Horns to toast with!


And I love tacos & I love recipe books – why not give me a taco recipe book?


And some beautiful rose gold bose stereo headphones!


And a rolex.. with a blueish – grey face… covered in diamonds. Duh!


And this adorable coloring book!


My signature scent of perfume!


A fun mug!


These fantastic Tiffany & Co sunglasses!


This beautiful brown leather carry-all.


And finally – a delicious French cook book!


What would you have as your fantasy birthday wish list?


Tourism Director * Freelance Writer * Southern * Catholic * Crazy Cat Lady * Wonder Women * Coffee Addict * Traveler * Voracious Reader * Cultural Junkie * *GSD Mom*

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