Picking a Hobby: And Other Ways to Avoid Real Life

Going into Week 6 of my new life. Lots and lots of good is happening, but there is still a lack of routine. Like most women, I’m going into solution mode. ThisĀ modeĀ involves…

Wait for it.. wait for it…


So I bought this:


FINALLY. The Camera. The one.. you know, the one I have always hoped for.

Boom & Done.

I even bought a fancy light thing and book on how to take amazing pics, no matter what. It should arrive by the end of the week! After I get a hang of this bad boy, I will purchase Photo Shop and go from there!

And then there is the house. We got the word back from the builder and we now know how much it is going to be to build the house we designed. For the price, which is not necessarily a deterrent, we could get a WHOLE lotta house in Americus. So we have decided to take a look at some real estate, as well as go back to the drawing board. (Literally, he is simplifying the plans a little more.) We are looking at a one story option.

Decisions. Decisions.

While all of that pans out… I’m going to take some awesome pictures.

Snug as a Bug in a Rug

I’m home. The new home, that is. Cabin life – farm life – small town life is suiting me well. I just completed three weeks on my new job and for the very first time since I have been down here, I actually have a day to myself.

Here are just a few of the highlights in the three weeks I have been in my new life:

– I had a fantastic going away party. My friends and family gathered at my mom’s gallery in historic Ingleside Village. I was surrounded by so many amazing people who genuinely wanted to say goodbye.
– Got settled and moved in that very first weekend. Of course, a majority of my belongings are going to stay in storage up until we move into our future home.
– Building the house: We finalized our plans and discovered the basic cost to have it built will be $250,000. (That’s because we own the land.)
– We are debating now: Do we move ahead with the home or do we simply buy something for that cost that is turn key? Decisions.. decisions.

I’ve had a lot of family time down here, which is definitely good for the soul. That includes grilling out, pool time, and riding the four-wheeler on the trails. Unfortunately, I’ve come across a Cotton Mouth & King snake, as well as several dozen wild boar. Ugh.


Just a typical Monday night after work. Sangria and the pool. Not a bad way to live my new life.

Work has kept me very busy with numerous side trips visiting the attractions in the county I am serving as the Tourism Director. For the past 2 weeks, I have covered Plains, Andersonville, Leslie/Desoto/Lake Blackshear. I have toured almost every spot.


And this is as close as I have gotten to President Carter, who just so happens to live 9 miles from me. I did get to meet his niece. Remember the infamous brother, Billy Carter? His daughter is a really nice person.


Tim and I did take a day trip, my second weekend here, to Thomasville, Georgia. We had a fantastic time roaming the downtown. (Which, for the record, is extremely charming.)

For Memorial Day weekend, we took the girls, my niece, his niece, and his grand daughter/sil to the beach house and had a fantastic time.

And fret not, I’m making friends and going out to eat, and getting involved in my community – just like before.

As I move forward, I will dive into more detail. I just needed some time to get a handle on where I am and what I am doing. It’s coming together wonderfully.

Sending out love and light to all of my readers!