A Tilt In The Universe

13043416_10154082526299929_5730866392493701185_nThis is sort of going in a different direction. About 2 months ago, I decided to shut down my old blog. It was my 7 year online journal, and it was very, very popular with people from all over the world. It chronicled everything. 

I needed to take a break, to shed the skin of the old life. I needed to feel inspired again, and actually have something worthwhile to write about. I had been on pause for so long – none of it earth shattering, just a simple “time out” phase. Now, it seems as if God has released the valve and the universe is tilting, and when the dust settles, I will see all of the good. Ciao Macon!Sat, May 14th6-30 - 8-30pm

And it is good. This new chapter has brought me to a new land. Literally. I’m slowly moving to a timber farm in Southwest Georgia. My boyfriend, Tim, lives in a cabin by a lake on his family’s farm. The land is so incredibly beautiful and the woods are so thick that he leases out a portion of his land as a hunting preserve. 12120014_10153635141419929_7244697027298624421_o

He and I have been dating for exactly (today!) a year and a half. In another week, he closes on his old house and will be free and clear to – BUILD! We are working on plans to build our dream home on the farm in Webster County. This is exciting news, and I am sure will be a series of interesting mishaps and tribulations! Second, I have accepted a position with the City of Americus and Sumter County to become one of their city department heads as the Director of Tourism. This is a fantastic professional opportunity! I’m looking forward to uncovering hidden jewels and discovering all of the historical significance of this community. 12108858_10153989137484929_2409286053278593768_n

The other kicker? With all of this joining of lives, Tim has two daughters, one is 13 and the other 14. They live with him 50% of the time. Plus, it seems there are at least a dozen dogs around here, a goat, and a pig. I’m sure, once my cats arrive, we will all go into culture shock.


Preston has about 400 residents. I went from Macon with her 100,000 residents, and of course I lived in Birmingham with almost 1.9 million residents in the Greater area, this should make for a fascinating transition.

I’d love for you to follow along. I’m a little new to the Word Press world. My last blog was with Blogger and I had much success with it and knew all of the tricks. So far now, I have offered as many ways to follow as I can figure out.

Get ready to explore farm life, small town government life, and.. well.. family life (a new thing for me at 43!) This is definitely an interesting twist!